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We study the best technologies in the technological field to design, build and manage the best plants with low environmental impact

Elmetec s.r.l. operates in the industrial automation and renewable energy sectors with particular experience in the textile and photovoltaic sectors.

The company’s strong point is flexibility in particular: any type of application or machinery can be tailor-made to satisfy every specific request of our customers, taking care, in most cases, of design, development, construction, assembly, and any testing and after-sales maintenance.
The advantages of Elmetec photovoltaic systems



Photovoltaic systems offer a unique opportunity to produce clean and sustainable energy. Thanks to advanced technology and incentive policies, the creation of turnkey photovoltaic systems has become an increasingly accessible and convenient solution for both companies and private individuals.

Creating a turnkey photovoltaic system means relying on industry experts, who take care of every aspect of the project, from the feasibility study to the design, from the supply of materials to the installation and commissioning of the system. This “turnkey” approach ensures seamless overall management of the entire process, allowing customers to focus on their core activities.

The advantages of a turnkey photovoltaic system are many. First of all, solar energy is a renewable, abundant and always available source, which allows us to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to the fight against climate change. Furthermore, thanks to the production of clean energy, significant savings can be achieved on the energy bill and benefit from incentive tariffs for energy produced in excess and fed into the grid.

What do we mean by industrial automation


The custom-made machinery is designed according to the customer’s needs, to carry out a phase of the production process that had previously always been manual. Elmetec conceives, designs and produces finished machines, from start to finish.

We start with a feasibility study, to understand whether automation is convenient from an economic point of view (and therefore whether it is worth applying it or not) and practical. In fact, it may happen that, in certain cases, the costs to be incurred are so high that they cannot then be reabsorbed by the production process, and therefore it is not a priori convenient to automate that specific work phase.

From the design, through the use of 3D drawing software, up to the production which is almost entirely carried out with the aid of numerical control machinery, then moving on to the final assembly, we guarantee maximum precision and reliability in every small detail.

Our company uses technologically advanced and high quality mechanical components, also taking care of the production of many mechanical parts internally. Elmetec also collaborates with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia to carry out some projects.

What do we mean by industrial automation


Elmetec has designed and created VITEC, a specific line of self-tapping screws for anchoring to the ground.

Usable for multiple applications, VITEC is available in different sizes in both hot-dip galvanized steel and Aisi 304 stainless steel. Easy to screw with the help of a specific manual wrench or through the use of special machinery, these screws offer multiple advantages:

Velocità di Applicazione
compatibilità ambientale evitando l'uso del cemento
facilità nella rimozione e quindi nel ripristino delle aree
possibilità di
possibilità di livellamento senza opere di movimentazione terra
facilità nella rimozione e quindi nel ripristino delle aree
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The advantages of Elmetec ground anchoring systems


The Elmetec PVMS (Photovoltaic Mobile System) photovoltaic trailer constitutes a renewable and free source of energy, but above all transportable. PVMS can be combined with the Elmetec PVPI inverters, thus transforming itself into a mobile photovoltaic system for irrigation, capable of exploiting the energy directly on site. solar light to power one or more electric pumps according to needs.

Alternatively, an energy storage bank composed of latest generation batteries can be installed on board the PVMS trailer, which allows the power collected during solar exposure to be exploited and used when and where there is a need. Specifically designed as an agricultural trailer equipped with a sturdy steel structure to be used even in the most difficult operating conditions, it can also be approved for road use on request.

It is available in the PVMS-12 versions, equipped with 12 photovoltaic modules, or in the PVMS-20 version, equipped with 20 modules. The overall peak powers may vary based on the power of the photovoltaic panels installed and based on the needs of the end user. During movement, the structure that houses the panels remains closed, reducing overall dimensions to a minimum; once the operating site has been reached, however, after having extended the stabilizers on the ground in order to guarantee maximum stability and resistance to the action of the wind, the two side sails that house the photovoltaic panels are quickly opened by activating the manual hydraulic pump and positioned at the most inclination