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About Us

Elmetec - Industrial Automation - Cotton Frames - Renewable Energy - Photovoltaic pumping systems

Our Story

The birth of Elmetec derives from the experiences gained by the founder Fabrizio Filippucci in years of activity on cotton looms within the family knitwear factory where Fabrizio was able to learn to deeply understand the technique of these machines. The excellent knowledge of electronics and mechanics, acquired through technical studies, passion and work experience, allowed him to improve these machines. Already in 1985 he began to make the first modifications on cotton looms, continuing in the meantime to create many other applications in the electronics and automation sector. After years of activity carried out by assembling “kits” of his own design and construction applied on different brands and different types of machinery, Filippucci decided to create a company specifically dedicated to industrial automation and technological research:
Thus, Elmetec was born in 2001, an acronym for “Electronic and Mechanical Technology”.

Elmetec, now in its second generation with Simone, Fabrizio’s son, has to date carried out automations of all types, in Italy and abroad.

With experience gained in over 20 years of activity, it creates systems for any technological sector and type of work; in particular its flagship is the automation of cotton looms.

“Despite our excellent results, research activity does not stop. Since our work is based on technology, we are aware that it is constantly evolving.”
Precisely thanks to this internal research and development activity, Elmetec has identified a rapidly expanding sector in the panorama of renewable energy in which to expand its work to make a contribution to the environment and aim for a better and cleaner world.
In 2009, therefore, Elmetec Energy Solutions was born, a new company branch, oriented towards the research and development of solutions in the field of renewable energy as well as the creation of specific applications.